2020 General Assembly

CCoVA 2020 Rally Day

January 28,2020

CCoVA monitored 114 bills during the 2020 General Assembly session that included bills on recovery, Prescription Monitoring Programs, vaping, hemp, THC oils, and decriminalization.  Bills included 17 on Heroin/Opioids, 32 on Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp, 26 on Alcohol, 15 on Tobacco/Nicotine, and 24 on other related topics. 

Major takeaways included the decriminalization of simple marijuana possession, the allowance of an additional permit for pharmaceutical processors to process and dispense cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil, and the decision for a Joint Subcommittee to study the development of a framework for regulated adult-use of cannabis and medical cannabis.   

BILLS: Visit the Google Doc link for bills CCoVA is monitoring click below link


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