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Response to ICSDP Report on Cannabis: UF Drug Policy Institute

 University of Florida Drug Policy Institute Joins Senior Researchers at Harvard, Boston Children’s Hospital, University of Texas, and Others in Responding to Latest Claims by the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy A team of researchers from the UF Drug Policy Institute, Harvard University, and other institutions authored a lengthy response to a recent monograph written by the…
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The Marijuana Report

Colorado SAM Chronicles Increasing  Pushback to State’s Marijuana Legalization In its latest newsletter, Colorado SAM, the state affiliate of national SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana), reports on citizens’ increasing dissatisfaction with the negative impact of legalization on local communities. In addition, there is substantial pushback to the marijuana industry’s deceptive behavior. The folks who wrote…
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CCoVA at CADCA Conference 2015

Members of Community Coalitions of Virginia are at CADCA’s National Leadership Forum. We invite other coalition members from across the Commonwealth to join us during the state meetings on Tuesday night.