About CCoVA

In 2008, several community organizers joined together to strengthen education and advocacy efforts for substance abuse prevention programs in Virginia through the creation of Community Coalitions of Virginia (CCoVA). As a statewide coalition of coalitions, CCoVA represents large and small, rural and urban communities, working collaboratively to prevent and reduce substance abuse and related risk factors in Virginia communities that are measureable and improve quality of life. CoVA brings ideas, experience, compassion, and enthusiasm together to create a single organization committed to promoting the prevention and reduction of the effects of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs.

Working with partners at the local, state and national level, CCoVA has already had an impact on federal funding for drug courts, increasing awareness of the positive impact of organized prevention programs in local communities and organizing with the purpose of reducing the life altering impact of alcohol and other drugs.

CCOVA has worked with our local and state legislators on a variety of issues, providing education and data on:

  • Privatizing alcohol distribution.
  • Dangers related to happy hour advertising in social media.
  • Risks to our community regarding energy drinks, alcopops, bath salts and other synthetic drugs.
  • Impact of recreational Marijuana and Marijuana for medical purposes
  • Statewide Opioid epidemic

CCoVA has achieved 501(c)3 status.

CCoVA Overview Power Point

CCoVA Brochure

If you are a member of a prevention coalition that is not part of CCoVA and would like to learn more or have comments or suggestions for future legislative action, please contact us here.

Mission Statement

CCoVA works collaboratively to prevent and reduce substance use and related risk factors in Virginia communities in ways that are measurable and that improve well-being of individuals and communities.

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